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School Production: King Lear

Lady Nafisa King Lear

It was the had finally come. We arrived at Feltham Assembly hall at 2:30pm on the rainy Friday afternoon and everything seemed to be going wrong. We weren’t allowed in to the theatre until 4pm and everyone was buzzing with anxiety and anticipation. When the doors finally opened we bustled in and raced up to the dressing rooms, realising that there was only one hour to rehearse. One hour, however wasn’t enough! Fists clenched, teeth gritted but minds set, we readied ourselves for what was coming.

We dressed in our elaborate costumes and became comfortable in our new roles. We listened anxiously to the echoes of the choir on stage. Every minute seemed to fly by and the time came too soon. The green velvet curtains drew back and King Lear (Zaynah Y9) stepped on stage. The lights dimmed, the music stopped, the play had finally begun.

Each time a scene ended, the weight on our shoulders seemed to lessen. A little rusty and we could have been a little louder but still - it was going well. The intermission seemed to soar towards us and we could not believe that already half the play had flown by. When the curtains closed and we heard the cheers and applause, the huge crowd no longer seemed so daunting.

We touched up our makeup, got a bite to eat and readied ourselves for the second half of what had seemed an impossible, horrible challenge to something that we were actually enjoying. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, they were enjoying it too.

Aniza, Zaynah, Hiba, Hibaq

School Production 2016 : The Merchant of Venice

The merchant of venice

From the second Monday of June, a small group of talented students stepped forward to take part in Drama Club which took place weekly after school for an hour. The Club was working towards putting on the end of year school production. A specialised Drama teacher, Madeline from Reflect Productions ran the club. The play we had chosen was ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ This play is Shakespeare’s most controversial comedy .The story is about a merchant, Antonio who seeks a loan from Shylock, a Jewish moneylender who is stingy and malicious, and Antonio as a result of the debt he owns Shylock is required to remove a pound a flesh from his body. The play is a beautiful Shakespearian story on the true nature of justice.

We wanted to perform the play in Shakespearean English which was a challenge we relished. We had to attend numerous rehearsals in the Ramadan holidays and motivated one another to learn lines. We helped each other to improve our acting skills and we developed a strong bond of friendship as we worked together on this project for many weeks. Our end of year performance was on the 15th July. Over a hundred people attended and the play itself went really well.

As a result of participating in this production I am now able to pick up a Shakespeare play and read it with confidence. Thank you for all those that came, I hope you had a great time.

Tarin Year 8