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Lady Nafisa Headteacher

Assalamu alaikum,

The transition from Primary to Secondary is undoubtedly marked by a mixture of excitement and apprehension. It is our first priority to ensure students settle in quickly and feel at ease in their new school environment. We appreciate that students have different educational backgrounds and some may well be exposed to a subject for the first time. However, my team and I will support and encourage all of our students to ensure that they are not overwhelmed and achieve their full potential.

We have carefully designed a curriculum that aims to cater for the spiritual, intellectual and worldly needs of the student. To this end, we have placed a strong emphasis on the study of the Arabic language; the spiritual and worldly advantages of which are obvious. Moreover, the Arabic language is a wonderful vehicle for sharpening the intellectual powers and connecting the aspiring student to their Islamic heritage: it functions in much the same way as Greek and Latin did in the Liberal education once afforded children in this country. Accordingly, students will throughout the course of their time, be exposed to Arabic on a daily basis. By immersing the students in this noblest of tongues, we hope to instil in them that love for the language that attends all those who truly live it. We have also created an integrated Islamic Studies curriculum whereby students take modules in Islamic disciplines like Seerah, ulum al Quran, hadith, fiqh, and so on and after 5 years of intensive study they graduate with an Islamic Studies Diploma.

Here at LNS we aim to produce, with the help of parents, balanced, confident and open-minded young British-Muslim women. Moreover we hope to provide them with an understanding of Islam that prepares them to excel in higher education and contribute to the wider world.

Success is from God alone.

Wa hamduillah

Mrs. Fouzia Butt, Headteacher

Lady Nafisa school children


Our Mission The mission of Lady Nafisa School directly reflects the school’s vision statement and embraces the academic mission of the school. It seeks to:

  • Create a culture of achievement at all levels of ability;
  • Adopt a forward-looking and innovative approach to learning that reflects our awareness of current and future trends without sacrificing traditional strengths;
  • Provide high-calibre staff who are themselves open to learning and who are given opportunities for continuing professional development;
  • Provide a God-centred learning environment with a vibrant atmosphere and within it a sense of purpose and a climate of open friendly communication built through mutual trust and respect;
  • Provide moral and spiritual guidance to students so that they can fulfil their full potential as human beings to become true and sincere worshippers of God;
  • Develop a deep love for the final Prophet of God, Muhammad (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him) and follow his life and practice.


We aim to provide an Islamic holistic approach wherein the spiritual, moral and social values we follow are embedded in every aspect of school life. Our aims:>

Lifelong learners – we aim to develop self-motivated learners with an enquiring attitude who aim for the highest standards in all that they do; Learning environment – we aim to create a stimulating and happy environment in which all learners can fulfil their potential and in which we celebrate their achievements in all areas;

Curriculum for achievement – we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in which learners can excel and exceed beyond their expectations; Respect for all – we aim to establish a courteous, caring and disciplined community in which self-respect, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility are fostered along with concern for others;

Partnership – we aim to sustain and nurture the close partnership between home, school and the local community;

Islamic holistic education – God has mandated beauty and excellence (Ihsan) for all things. We aim to imbue a deep sense of ihsan in all aspects of our learning journey.



The ethos of our school can be defined as the core values that are fundamental to everything that we do as a learning centre.

At Lady Nafisa School, our core values are based upon the teaching of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him).

We aim to provide an education of the highest quality within the context of Sunni Islamic belief and practice.

Lady Nafisa, who the school is named after, was the great-great grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). Her personality reflected true Islamic character and values. She acquired extensive knowledge and led a life of service towards her community. Lady Nafisa is a role model for all young women.


September 2009

LNS opens in Feltham with a small group of students

March 2012

LNS relocates to larger premises in Hounslow to accommodate the growing student numbers.

June 2013

First graduates of LNS score outstanding GCSE grades (93% A*-B).

June 2014

Second cohort of students graduate again achieving outstanding results (47% A*-A). Student numbers continue to increase rapidly.

February 2015

55 Students on roll. We are reaching full capacity and are seeking new larger premises

May 2017

We have found a large building to relocate LNS and set up a flagship Boys Islamic Secondary School. We are fund raising £2.5 million and plan to move in September 2018 inshallah.